Election 2014 Air Schedule

VOTE 2014 Election Programming

Presented by the League of Women Voters of Santa Monica Education Fund in partnership with CityTV

CityTV is your source for Santa Monica Election Programming. With Candidate Forums, interviews and Ballot Measure Discussions, the information you need to know to make your decision on Election Day is here!

Vote 2014 Election Programming can be seen on CityTV Cable Channel 16 and digital broadcast channel 20.2. CityTV is streamed on-line at citytv.org. Individual videos can be seen at smvote.org, the City of Santa Monica’s election website. In addition, Vote 2014 programming airs 24/7 on Time Warner Cable Channel 99.


The League of Women Voters of Santa Monica Education Fund presents “Council Candidates Live!” a series of two live Santa Monica City Council Candidate Forums presented on October 20 and October 27 at 7pm on CityTV Cable Channel 16. The program can also be seen streamed on-line at citytv.org.

Moderated by Sandy Jacobson, “Council Candidates Live!” will put Santa Monica City Council Candidates in random groups of three to four. Each group will answer a set of five questions in a 20 to 30 minute discussion. Questions have been gathered from Santa Monica community leaders representing neighborhood groups, business improvement districts and other areas. The candidates will answer the questions and interact with each other. Round One is on October 20th and then the candidates will be regrouped for Round Two on October 27th. Questions for the candidates can be submitted via e-mail to program@lwvsantamonica.org by Friday, October 10.


On The Record with your City Council Candidates
All of the City Council Candidates present a 45-second statement to introduce themselves to voters.

Thurs 10/9 10am and 5:30pm
Fri 10/10 6:30pm
Sat 10/11 6:30pm
Mon 10/13 4pm
Fri 10/17 8:30am
Sat 10/18 2pm
Sun 10/19 10:30pm
Tues 10/21 3:30pm
Wed 10/22 3pm
Thurs 10/23 5:30pm
Sat 10/25 3:30pm
Sun 10/26 5:30pm
Mon 10/27 11:30am
Tues 10/28 4:30pm
Wed 10/29 7pm
Fri 10/31 4:30pm
Sat 11/1 10am
Sun 11/2 10am
Tues 11/4 8:30am

On The Issues - Transportation
Viewpoints about transportation in Santa Monica are presented in this series of statements from all of the candidates running for the Santa Monica City Council.

Thurs 10/9 2pm
Fri 10/10 4:30pm
Sun 10/12 8:30am
Mon 10/13 4:30pm
Thurs 10/16 5:30pm
Fri 10/17 2pm
Sat 10/18 4pm
Sun 10/19 7:30pm
Tues 10/21 11:30am
Wed 10/22 5:30pm
Sat 10/25 2pm
Sun 10/26 3:30pm
Tues 10/28 11:30am
Thurs 10/30 3:30pm
Sat 11/1 9:30am
Sun 11/2 11am

On The Issues – Santa Monica Ballot Measures
Santa Monica City Council Candidates are asked to talk about the Santa Monica Ballot Measures in this series of 45-second presentations.

Thurs 10/9 11:30am
Fri 10/10 4pm
Sun 10/12 9:30am
Mon 10/13 5:30pm
Wed 10/15 5:30pm
Thurs 10/16 4:30pm
Fri 10/17 2:30pm
Sat 10/18 3:30pm
Sun 10/19 7pm
Wed 10/22 4:30pm
Sat 10/25 1:30pm
Sun 10/26 3pm
Mon 10/27 2:30pm
Tues 10/28 9:30am
Thurs 10/30 4:30pm
Sat 11/1 8:30am
Sun 11/2 10:30am
Mon 11/3 8:30am
Tues 11/4 12:30pm

On The Issues – Free Choice
The candidates running for the Santa Monica City Council were given the opportunity to talk about the issue of their choice for this statement.

Thurs 10/9 1:30pm
Fri 10/10 3:30pm
Sun 10/12 11:30am
Mon 10/13 6:30pm
Fri 10/17 12:30pm
Sat 10/18 3pm
Sun 10/19 10pm
Mon 10/20 11:30am
Wed 10/22 4pm
Sat 10/25 2:30pm
Sun 10/26 4pm
Mon 10/27 8:30am
Tues 10/28 3:30pm
Thurs 10/30 3pm
Sat 11/1 11:30am
Sun 11/2 11:30am
Mon 11/3 9:30am
Tues 11/4 9:30am

On The Issues – What Do I Like Most About Santa Monica?
Learn what the Santa Monica City Council Candidates like most about living here in Santa Monica.

Thurs 10/9 1pm
Fri 10/10 3pm
Sun 10/12 12:30pm
Mon 10/13 7:30pm
Thurs 10/16 6:30pm
Fri 10/17 3pm
Sat 10/18 2:30pm
Mon 10/20 11am
Wed 10/22 3:30pm
Sat 10/25 3pm
Sun 10/26 4:30pm
Mon 10/27 9:30am
Tues 10/28 4pm
Wed 10/29 7:30pm
Thurs 10/30 4pm
Sat 11/1 12:30pm
Sun 11/2 12:30pm

Meet Your Council Candidates
Join host Sandy Jacobson for this series of five-minute one-on-one interviews with all of the candidates running for a seat on the Santa Monica City Council.

Fri 10/10 1pm and 8pm
Sat 10/11 9:30am, 4pm and 8pm
Sun 10/12 1pm and 4:30pm
Mon 10/13 2pm and 8:30pm
Tues 10/14 9:30am and 3:30pm
Wed 10/15 3pm
Thurs 10/16 9:30am
Fri 10/17 3:30pm
Sat 10/18 10:30am and 6:30pm
Sun 10/19 12:30pm and 4pm
Mon 10/20 4pm
Tues 10/21 8:30am
Wed 10/22 1pm
Thurs 10/23 1pm and 8pm
Fri 10/24 8:30am and 4pm
Sun 10/26 1pm
Mon 10/27 12:30pm
Tues 10/28 12:30pm
Wed 10/29 8:30am
Thurs 10/30 1pm
Fri 10/31 12:30pm
Sat 11/1 6:30pm
Sun 11/2 9pm
Mon 11/3 8pm
Tues 11/4 4pm

On The Record: School Board
Meet all of the candidates running for a seat on the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Board of Education in this series of one-minute candidate statements.

Thurs 10/9 2:30pm
Fri 10/10 12:30pm
Sat 10/11 3:30pm and 7pm
Sun 10/12 7:30pm
Mon 10/13 1:30pm, 8pm and 10:30pm
Tues 10/14 11:45am
Wed 10/15 6:30pm
Thurs 10/16 4pm
Fri 10/17 1pm
Sat 10/18 1pm
Sun 10/19 3:30pm
Mon 10/20 3:30pm
Wed 10/22 11:30am and 6:30pm
Thurs 10/23 11:30am
Sat 10/25 8pm
Tues 10/28 3pm
Thurs 10/30 12:30pm
Fri 10/31 5:30pm
Mon 11/3 4:30pm and 10:30pm
Tues 11/4 5:30pm

On The Record: Rent Control
Candidates for the Santa Monica Rent Control Board present their one-minute statements.

Thurs 10/9 12:45pm
Sat 10/11 3pm and 7:45pm
Sun 10/12 7pm
Mon 10/13 1pm and 8:15pm
Tues 10/14 11:30am
Wed 10/15 2:15 pm
Thurs 10/16 12:30pm
Fri 10/17 1:15pm
Sat 10/18 1:15pm
Sun 10/19 3:15pm
Mon 10/20 3pm
Wed 10/22 9:30am and 6:45pm
Thurs 10/23 12:30pm
Sat 10/25 8:15pm
Tues 10/28 2:45pm
Thurs 10/30 11:30am
Fri 10/31 5:45pm
Mon 11/3 4:15pm and 10:15pm
Tues 11/4 5:45pm

On The Record: College Board
Each of the candidates for the Santa Monica Community College District Board of Trustees are featured in this series of candidate statements.

Thurs 10/9 12:30pm and 2:45pm
Fri 10/10 12:45pm
Sat 10/11 3:15pm and 7:30pm
Sun 10/12 7:15pm
Mon 10/13 1:15pm and 10:45pm
Tues 10/14 1:45pm
Thurs 10/16 4:15pm
Fri 10/17 1:30pm and 9:15pm
Sat 10/18 1:30pm
Sun 10/19 3pm
Mon 10/20 3:15pm
Wed 10/22 9:45am
Thurs 10/23 12:45pm
Sat 10/25 8:30pm
Tues 10/28 2:30pm
Thurs 10/30 11:45am
Fri 10/31 6:30pm
Mon 11/3 4pm and 10pm
Tues 11/4 6:30pm

Ballot Measure Forum: LC
The proponents and opponents of Ballot Measure LC answer questions in this forum moderated by Sandy Jacobson.

Tues 10/14 8:30am
Wed 10/15 1pm
Thurs 10/16 11:30am
Fri 10/17 8:30pm
Sun 10/19 11am
Tues 10/21 1:30pm
Thurs 10/23 4pm
Wed 10/29 12:30pm
Fri 10/31 3:30pm
Sun 11/2 5:30pm
Mon 11/3 6:30pm

Ballot Measure Forum: D
Ballot Measure D is the focus of the discussion for this election program.

Tues 10/14 2pm
Wed 10/15 11:30am
Fri 10/17 11:30am
Sun 10/19 10:30am
Tues 10/21 12:30pm
Thurs 10/23 3pm
Sat 10/25 12:30pm
Wed 10/29 11:30am
Fri 10/31 2:30pm
Sun 11/2 4:30pm
Mon 11/3 7:30pm

Ballot Measure Forum: H
Real Estate Transfer Taxes are the focus of Ballot Measure H in this Forum.

Tues 10/14 12:30pm
Wed 10/15 1:30pm
Fri 10/17 8pm
Sat 10/18 10am
Sun 10/19 9:30am
Tues 10/21 2:30pm
Thurs 10/23 3:30pm
Wed 10/29 3:30pm
Thurs 10/30 8:30am
Fri 10/31 3pm
Sun 11/2 5pm
Mon 11/3 7pm

Ballot Measure Forum: HH
Ballot Measure HH is an advisory vote only, and is discussed during this Ballot Measure Forum.

Tues 10/14 1pm
Wed 10/15 12:30pm
Fri 10/17 9:30am and 9:30pm
Sun 10/19 10am
Tues 10/21 1pm
Thurs 10/23 4:30pm
Thurs 10/30 9:30am
Fri 10/31 4pm
Sun 11/2 4pm
Mon 11/3 5:30pm

City Council Candidates Live! Round One
Watch City Council Candidates Live! Round One on Monday, October 20 at 7pm. Replays are scheduled for the times and dates below.

Fri 10/24 8pm
Sat 10/25 10am and 4pm
Sun 10/26 10am and 8pm
Mon 10/27 4pm
Wed 10/29 4pm and 8pm
Sat 11/1 1pm
Mon 11/3 10am
Tues 11/4 10am

City Council Candidates Live! Round Two
Round Two of City Council Candidates Live! Will air on Monday, October 27 at 7pm. Replays are as follows:

Fri 10/31 10am and 7pm
Sat 11/1 3pm and 8pm
Sun 11/2 1pm and 7pm
Mon 11/3 1pm
Tues 11/4 1pm

Candidate Forum: School Board
Coverage of the SMMUSD School Board of Education Candidates Forum hosted by the League of Women Voters of Santa Monica Education Fund and the Santa Monica-Malibu PTA Council. Taped on October 1, 2014.

Thurs 10/9 3pm
Mon 10/13 8:30am
Fri 10/17 5:30pm
Sat 10/18 4:30pm
Thurs 10/23 8:30am
Wed 10/29 1:30pm
Fri 10/31 8am

Candidate Forum: College Board
The Santa Monica Community College District Board of Trustee candidates are featured in this Candidate Forum taped on October 1, 2014. Presented by the League of Women Voters of Santa Monica Education Fund and the Santa Monica-Malibu PTA Council.

Sat 10/11 12:30pm
Mon 10/13 10:30am
Thurs 10/16 1pm
Sat 10/18 8:30pm
Mon 10/20 12:30pm
Sun 10/26 8am
Sun 11/2 8am