Ballot Measures

Measure D Shall the Santa Monica City Charter be amended to require the City to continue to operate the Santa Monica Airport in a manner that supports its aviation uses unless the voters approve the Airport’s closure or change in use, and until that voter approval occurs, the City shall be prohibited from imposing additional restrictions on aviation support services to tenants and airport users that inhibit fuel sales or the full use of aviation facilities? Read More About Measure D

Measure FS Shall the City Charter be amended to establish a maximum annual registration fee of up to $288 per controlled rental unit and to limit the amount that landlords may pass through to tenants to 50% of the registration fee? Read More About Measure FS

Measure H Shall an ordinance be adopted that amends the real estate transfer tax so that for commercial and non-commercial real estate sold for one million dollars or more, the tax rate would be $9 for each thousand dollars of sales price? Read More About Measure H

Measure HH ADVISORY VOTE ONLY: If the proposed transfer tax on commercial and non-commercial real estate sales is approved by voters, should the revenue be used to preserve, repair, renovate and construct affordable housing for low-income people who work or live in Santa Monica, including seniors, veterans, working families and persons with disabilities? Read More About Measure HH

Measure LC Shall the City Charter be amended to: (1) prohibit new development on Airport land, except for parks, public open spaces and public recreational facilities, until the voters approve limits on the uses and development that may occur on the land; and (2) affirm the City Council's authority to manage the Airport and to close all or part of it? Read More About Measure LC

Medical Marijuana Initiative An initiative measure amending the Municipal Code to allow two medical marijuana collectives to operate in the City of Santa Monica, establishing a priority for prospective operators who already posses specific types of business licenses, and imposing operational restrictions on collectives, including restrictions on location and hours of operation. Initiative not placed in the 2014 ballot. Read More About Medical Marijuana Initiative

Bergamot Transit Village / Hines Development Agreement Referendum Ordinance 2454 (CCS) was repealed during the May 13, 2014 City Council meeting. Read More About Bergamot Transit Village / Hines Development Agreement Referendum